Project Life: Saving and functionality


  • Project Life: Saving and functionality
Project Life is a campaign focused on the environment and on saving that Martí 1921 has developed and that aims to promote sustainable consumption while providing the user with practical tools to achieve it.

Since 1995, Martí 1921 has been working on innovative ways to help save water and energy in the house. To this end, systems have been designed that contribute to sustainable consumption and that are practical to use. We believe that we can help to be part of the solution in the fight against the climate emergency through our products and for these reasons we have devised the project life.

In addition, we take into account the accessibility of these products, which is why we have made our Hayatt, Nizar and Trass series the flagships of this campaign, due to their versatile finishes, their simple but characteristic designs and the fact that they are taps within the reach of a wider public.

However, and at the customer's request, the vast majority of our series can incorporate internal saving systems. Simply consult to find out which series and which systems are compatible. Not only do we customize the outside of our taps, but also the inside, to achieve an original piece to the taste of consumers who are committed to the environment and do not want to leave design aside.

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